Mutual engagement

Mutual engagement

A harmonious relationship is created between a masseuse and her client from mutual understanding of self-awareness and most importantly trust. This is the key to bond the relationship between the two actors.

I can offer you through my experience and my skills quality massages focusing on the needs of your body to help you evacuate all the daily stress of life.

The relationship and trust could not exist without mutual respect.

All requested services from clients follow an ethical charter that cannot be violated under any circumstances.

- Clients must respect and be courteous during the massage session.

- Inappropriate verbal or physical behaviour will not be accepted.

Any breach of the above will terminate the session immediately and full payment of services and any travel expenses will be charged in full.

Selection of oils.

Naomi Massages also proposes a range of oils, with a selection of textures and fragrances depending on your tastes and needs.

All products are carefully selected, or personally created, originating from organic farming and are paraben-free, silicone-free, colourless and animal-free.

With a high cutaneous tolerance, certain creations are prepared and developed for sensitive, mature or fragile skins.

Other creations based on wintergreen organic essential oil, rosemary or ginger, are more recommended for athletics, or as part of an energising massage.