Before the session

Before the session

the different varieties of massage are aimed to define the physical aspect of the body and are not considered to be medical or therapetic

Before the session :

I will search to understand and adapt to your feelings and body emotions for a personalized massage in affinity with your needs. This is of the upmost importance in order to best determine your needs in your quest for well-being. A   discussion is essential prior to each session, especially for people discovering the Californian massage technique.

A dialogue, based on my experiences of listening to others, creates an intense and lasting sensation of well-being enabling you to obtain the positive energies in everyday life.

A personalised massage is aimed to bring you a unique and individual experience. This is why consulting with you to assess your fitness and personality is paramount.

Massages: zero inconvenience, just 100% comfort


It is important to indicate if you might have any risk of an allergy to certain products / plants in order to avoid any skin reaction which could cause you any inconvenience or interrupt the session.

Treatments / Medical Problems :

To qualify for an advance physical manipulation and an optimal relaxation session, you will be asked to specify whether you are prone to any joint or muscular problems, especially in relatively sensitive areas such as the back or knees, or whether you are currently taking any medical treatment.

Massage adapted to your physical and psychic state for guaranteed success.

A Californian massage can be adapted to your current shape:

- Loss of morale, lassitude, demotivation? Energise your vitality with an energising massage.

- You are overloaded with daily life, you are going through a period of stress that you want to escape from?

Naomi Massages are an invitation to a pleasurable journey where wellness and relaxation converge.

Drainage massage (anti-cellulite)

The fact that your endorphins are stimulated by massage, they help you to have smoother skin and thinner thighs, draining massages are the best allies of your outer beauty.

Naomi´s technique consists in using the majority of the weight of her body on the person, it enhances a deeper massage on the tissue level below the skin and will allow to dislodge any fat tissues.

"A sensory journey based on mutual respect!.