Massages at home

Enjoy all the virtues of a Californian or Swedish massage whilst at the same time enjoying the session from the comfort of your home. What other luxury than having time? Indeed, the hours devoted to our professional activity, the education of our children, the constant shopping or those hours spent in commuting, end up significantly limiting quality time for you.
Time for oneself is time that helps regenerate, soothes and nourishes our sweetest thoughts. It is essential in a time when everything is progressing so very fast in a world of perpetual movement where we have no choice but to follow and to adapt.

By being at home, it is your time that you are optimizing, a massage takes on another dimension and the effects last considerably longer. The treatment should reflect who you are because it is based on your expectations and your energy. This is why the needs of each individual person are discussed before the session and carefully studied: to best target this a questionnaire regarding the status of your health will be provided .This is essential to the smooth execution of the massage and helps me to understand what you need.

From Cannes, Nice to Monaco, discover the experience of a cocktail of sensations all from your home, combining power, listening to your needs, revitalization and relaxation.
For more information or to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact me at +33 (0) 6 99 38 39 60