Muscle recovery

Muscle recovery

Vegetable oils: Extra virgin olive oil
Others: Dried Roman Camomile Flowers

Used lukewarm, this synergy is suitable for people who are allergic to essential oils because it contains none.


Olive oil has always been a popular beauty and health ingredient. Of all its variants, extra virgin olive oil is the one with the most qualities. It contains valuable vitamins A (cell regeneration), D (calcium intake), E (antioxidant) and K (osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorders). Its softening qualities nourishes dry and irritated skin.
Heated, this thick oil helps fight muscle contractures due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Roman Chamomile is a medicinal plant with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
Analgesic and sedative, it is used from a very young age:
- in infants to calm the pain related to teething.
For this synergy, I heat the extra virgin olive oil up to 60 degrees (beyond it loses its qualities) then I introduce the dried Roman Chamomile flowers that will macerate for several weeks to perfect this marriage of ingredients with surprising benefits and texture. The mixture will then be heated again just before the massage to make you enjoy all the benefits of the wonderful herbal cocktail.

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