Californian & Swedish massage

Californian massage appeared in the mid-sixties and as the name suggests originated in California near San Francisco.
Massage therapy was at that time in its early stages, but it quickly extended to Canada which then became the cradle to some of the most elite schools in terms of massage.

The technique and philosophy of this psycho-bodily approach were developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California, hence the source of its second name.

It was the period when the potential of the human body was explored: the aim was to break away from the strict post war climate by indulging in hedonistic practices. Many different therapy groups emerged from this American culture and encouraged a new freedom in the way to dispose and adapt the body by associating the physical benefits of massage with psychic therapeutic experiences.

Californian massage is inspired by Swedish massage : we find the same techniques which aim as much at relaxation as to dissolving the accumulation of tensions in the body whereby the muscles, muscle joints, and tendons are relieved.

Swedish massage is generally practiced more intensely as this technique focuses on the deeper tissues. Depending on the pressure exerted and the pace of the different techniques used, the massage can be either fast and invigorating or slow and soothing. It is based on a fundamental basic principle: the movements are executed by going up towards the vital organs, in particular the heart as this favours blood and lymphatic circulation.

Whether it be relaxing, draining or energizing, all these nuances make it the most complete massage which is suitable for anyone in search of the benefits of well-being.

These so-called Californian and Swedish massages began to tour the world in the eighties. They are currently nowadays the most requested massages due to their recognized positive effects on the body and mind.

In synergy with selected oils that have been studied and created for you, “Naomi´s Massages” invites you to a sensory journey where you can surrender yourself into her care with complete trust and mutual respect.