Californian Massage

Californian Massage

The history behind the Californian massage

The beginning of the Californian

The Californian massage appeared in the mid-60s, as its name suggests, in California, near San Francisco.
The technique and philosophy of this massage were developed at the Esalen Institute of Big Sur, hence its second name.
Relatively recently, the Californian began its’ tour of the world in the 80s.
It is today one of the most requested massages as it is well known for its effects on the body and on the mind.

The Benefits

Inspired by the Swedish massage, the Californian massage focalises on relaxation and the awakening of psycho-corporeal consciousness. This massage is made of long, slow, fluid movements that allows for deep physical and psychic relaxation.

The deepest tensions are relieved by the soft enveloping and relaxing massage movements which are gradually intensified for optimal relaxation which help release any emotions hidden deep inside your bodily memory. The various specific localised pressure techniques, such as the palpate-roll method, favors the blood and lymphatic circulation and centralises the different energies towards the heart.

Relaxing, draining or energizing, these are all ways that combine firmness and softness that will allow you to surrender yourself to a real sensory journey.

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