Quiet night

Quiet night

Essential oils: Greenland ledge / Marjoram / Ravintsara
Vegetable oils: Apricot oil


Native to Canada, this small shrub produces a rare and precious essential oil, a sleep specialist. Efficiency is equalled only by its very high price. It is the branches which, once flowered, are distilled. Known for its detoxifying, decongestant and calming properties, it is recommended in cases of overwork, stress and sleep disorders. Analgesic and antidepressant, this plant is not used a lot because it is not well known and rare but offers very effective therapeutic properties.


A powerful sedative, the essential oil of Marjoram Shell is known to rebalance the nervous terrain. Thanks to its calming activity, it promotes sleep. The monoterpene alcohol it contains also make it a very good analgesic: thus, it can relieve rheumatism, muscle contractures and sciatica. In case of anguish and anxiety it is also used in olfaction, diffusion, or diluted in the bath.


This Malagasy variety of camphor which means «good leaf for everything» is an exceptional antiviral, especially for the respiratory tract. As a general stimulant it strengthens the immune defences. Energizing but not a stimulant for excitement, it is an excellent neuro-tonic. It allows the nervous system to find the correct balance, as well as to promote sleep and therefore vitality when awakening.


Apricot oil is restorative and protective, extracted by cold pressure from the seed present in the stone. Rich in antioxidants, this low-comedogenic oil is suitable for all skin types and is easily absorbed by tissues. Essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin F (cell regeneration) make up the basis of this rich and complete mixture. It is also used and appreciated in cosmetics as a night skin care.

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